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Easing back to Normal


OVOLO believes in providing our clients with a personalized and custom design solution that is just right for them. Instead of imposing our style upon our clients, we listen and respond to our client’s needs, personality, tastes, styles, and way of life. Our clients are trusted partners in the design process, and without this partnership, it would be impossible to create such a personalized and custom design.  

As of June 15th of 2021, California has re-opened the economy and lifted most restrictions that were previously in place for the last year or more. Santa Clara County, where OVOLO is based, has similarly lifted many restrictions. It appears that we are slowly easing our way back to normal. In this light, here’s how it affects our company, our clients, our future clients, our professional affiliates, and our community.

  1. Our staff is fully vaccinated. In other words, it has been at least two weeks since our staff has received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine.
  2. We will no longer require masks and strict physical distancing during meetings between our company and our clients (and anyone living in the same home) who have also been fully vaccinated since they are trusted partners with us. However, as trusted partners and per guidance from state and local governments, we will require our clients (and anyone living in the same home) to fill out a hardcopy of a Certification of Vaccination Status that we will provide to our clients in order to remove the face covering mandate. Upon client request, however, we are happy to continue wearing masks and keep physical distancing for the comfort of our clients.
  3. Similarly, we will no longer require masks and strict physical distancing for our professional affiliates such as contractors and painters (including any of their employees working on a job site/ at a client’s home) who have also been fully vaccinated. However, per guidance from state and local governments, we will require these professional affiliates and their employees working on a job site to fill out a hardcopy of a Certification of Vaccination Status that we will provide to them in order to remove the face covering mandate. Clients, at whose home is the job site, may request that the professional affiliates continue to wear masks and we will require this request to be fulfilled by our professional affiliates.  
  4. We will continue to require masks and physical distancing for our vaccinated employees, our future clients of any vaccination status, our professional affiliates of unknown vaccination status or unvaccinated status, and any current clients of unknown vaccination status or unvaccinated status when meeting together.
  5. We will continue to cancel all meetings and professional affiliate work if anyone that would attend any meeting or be at a client’s home is not feeling well and/or showing symptoms of COVID-19. Furthermore, we will continue to report all cases to governmental entities as required by state and local health mandates.
  6. We will follow other business policies regarding masks, physical distancing, etc.  In other words, if a furniture or remolding material supply store continues to require masks, we will respect that particular store’s policy by wearing a mask and we will require our clients, future clients, and professional affiliates to also respect that store’s policy.
  7. For the time being, we will continue to not shake hands with others. Instead, an elbow bump would be our recommended alternative.

These measures should continue to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of our company, clients, future clients, our professional affiliates, and the community at large. By keeping us all safe, these measures will allow OVOLO to continue to provide our clients with a personalized and well-executed design that is custom-tailored to specific project goals, objectives, styles, and budgets in just 7 easy design stages.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help with your specific design project, please don’t hesitate to schedule a Zoom video meeting or request a cost estimate for your project.

*UPDATED due to Delta and Omicron Variants

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